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About the Pathways to Home Ownership Curriculum Project

The Pathways to Home Ownership curriculum emphasizes not only personal economic decision making about housing, but also the multiple pathways one might choose to follow in their home ownership endeavors. Problem solving and real-life experiences are also important components of the Pathways project. The lessons demonstrate that economic and social self-sufficiency can be achieved through education in consumer education skills related to housing skills that allow high school students as well as adults to become supportive and positive forces in their communities. A community that understands the Pathways to Home Ownership will have a better understanding of basic economic and personal finance concepts as well as have the potential to be more successful homeowners in the future

The Pathways to Home Ownership project was written and developed by Kimberly P. Code, Ph.D. and Gary E. Clayton, Ph.D. at Northern Kentucky University. 

The website was designed by Bryan Eifler and was funded by the Kentucky Real Estate Commission.